Time for that cool summer branding stuff

http://www.bakersinsurancegroup.com/33427-montair-fx-price.html Here are a couple things we have on tap for the summer.

The event title is an original, created with Illustrator. I used a font called Simplifica (click to get it) and another called Mustardo (click to get this one). The photo is courtesy of Adobe Stock.

sporanox price canvass  

Just threw this together in Canva for the sake of time. The photos are freebies from their stockpile. The photo is upside down because this folds and is the cover that accompanies the schedule below. Panforte Pro is the font, and I kind of love it for summer (get it here).


This is the inside of the calendar. Once again, you see a lot of Panforte. It’s likely to be a branding thing for the EYC summer program. Those two graphics at the top are also part of the summer branding. I used a couple Canva templates we liked and made a couple changes. The font in “Thursday Serve Days” is Victorian Parlor Vintage. I love it, too, but it can easily be overused. Get it here. Don’t overuse it. The hands with the world are EYC’s “serve” logo. “Sunday Funday” is a straight up use of a Canva template, but it was a great fit. Those two items will appear throughout the summer for their various programs.


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