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Watching it all burn down

Despite the ominous title, I’m in a productive place today, and I want to share a minor dilemma from one of my jobs. Maybe you’re in a similar position or maybe you have some input on an even better way to handle this.

So first, the backstory. Working for an historic Episcopal church in a relatively small city comes with some unique challenges. Perhaps they’re not unique across the spectrum of small cities and Episcopal churches, but they are unique for me. Most of my professional background is in media, academics, retail, or sports (and various combinations thereof). Three of those fields are dynamic and fast-paced. The other aspires to be dynamic and fast-paced but spends more time talking about how to be dynamic and fast-paced than actually… being…dynamic…and…fast-paced. In any case, I’m used to the response to new ideas being along the lines of, “Yes! Let’s see what happens!” or, “Well, that’s a good start, but what if we did this!?” With teams like that, it’s possible (and perhaps even preferable at times) to implement incremental changes and quickly see improvements in whatever area needed improvement. Everyone is on board and ready to shake up some element of the operation in order to make it more efficient, productive, innovative, or any other positive and forward-thinking organizational goal.

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