Let’s switch gears

Today, I’m focusing on something a little different from my Christ Church endeavors. That position, as it should, consumes a good deal of my time, but I also had two classes start at Valencia last week. I like to incorporate two themes in my courses:

1. Civic-mindedness

2.  Professional development

This is one of our assignments from our social media unit. It’s primarily a professional development piece, but it will also be an important part of our civic engagement unit as well. Coming up, I’m teaching them the connection between the two and how LinkedIn (and other social media platforms) can help them become part of their communities and increase their professional value.

I just assigned it today, so I’m interested to see how it goes. It’s a first time, thing, so I’m sure there will be tweaks that need to be made. If you see any, do let me know. If you want to use this, feel free. If you like the idea but not the execution, alter it as you see fit.

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