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Going back in time a little

I’m working on getting caught up a bit at Christ Church. I have several things I hope to post in the next few days, but I am in a wedding this weekend. Anyone who knows me knows something like that will weigh on me more heavily than anything that could happen at any of my jobs. There’s something about standing still while wearing something chosen by someone else riddled with hairspray, makeup, double-sided tape, nail polish, and (maybe) fake eyelashes that really tickles my giggle reflex. Here’s hoping I can hold it together for my friend. I’m just going to call it “Early Halloween” and try not to envy the guys in their easy breezy tuxes and disheveled hair.

Off topic drastically…I wrote this a while back.

Rector search moves forward; in person interviews begin this weekend


Giving people choices

Last week, I suffered from a severe creative block. All week. I would start working on something, hate it instantly, and delete it. Then I would stare at the screen, add some photos to cover my frustration, delete those, and go fill up my coffee cup. This went on for four whole days. Luckily, I didn’t have any deadlines, so my block didn’t stall any real progress.

Whatever dark force loomed over me was lifted today, and I cranked out seven designs.

Yep. Seven. In four hours.

That’s not normally how I work, but I was clearly making up for lost time. I usually go for more of the “steady as she goes” approach. I manage my time well, and I’m thorough. Sometimes, though, you work with what you’re given. That’s how I ended up with seven different things today.

The problem wasn’t that I’d finished so much. The problem was that six of the designs were for the same event.


I did what any former academic would do and sent them out to coworkers for input.

Whoops again.

The up and the down of doing that is people will actually give you their input. Now here I sit with the same six designs and no more idea now which to go with than I had before.


Your turn. I’d say, “Be nice,” but this is the Internet.


**Note: All photos are placeholders and will be replaced with personalized photographs of parishioners. Also, the watermarked photo and the basic templates to get you started on similar designs can be found in Canva, a nice shortcut tool for designing when you need to design in a hurry. I’d never pretend I’m a graphic designer.


wim-minimal-text-flyer-final-2                   wim-minimal-text-poster-final


wim-centered-banner-flyer-final                  wim-centered-banner-poster-final


screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-4-27-18-pm                   screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-4-28-00-pm